Jewelry Aquamarina Anthelia

Our Aquamarina Jewelry stores have been at your service for more than 35 years in Tenerife.

Our unique pieces and with our own design, have been lovingly manufactured by hand with natural stones and noble metals in our own workshops on the island.

We have a select and wide selection of extravagant and curious stones, more than 40, to be concrete, waiting to be discovered by you.

Every year we bring precious opals from our own mines in Australia, Lightning Ridge, such as the king of opals, the scarce black opal, the white opal and the boulder opal. Under thorough work, it is first extracted from the mine, washed and then selected.

After this process the best pieces are taken to our carver and polisher and then the best form of carving for each stone is chosen individually, always with the premise of preserving the greatest possible color, then carved and worked by our jewelers here in Tenerife.

As these are our own mines, we can offer our customers a more competitive price than in the current market, because we do not depend on suppliers, many times we can even offer better prices than in Australia.

Visit us and discover our world of gems and precious stones.

We also have beautiful pearl, mineral necklaces, stone figures, knives, watches and much more. We will be happy to meet your individual needs and wishes and to suit you. Our employees speaks several languages ​​and will advise and assist her professionally.

Visit us and enter our world of precious minerals.